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Currently, Migrante USA is supporting NAFCON’s Bayanihan Response to COVID-19. So many of our kababayan are on the frontlines risking their lives. We are in chaotic times and anything helps.

What your support means to us

Your support of the Bayanihan Response to COVID-19 will respond to the urgent and long-term needs of impacted Filipino communities in the US and the Philippines, especially the most vulnerable.

Through this campaign, we aim to:

  1. Deliver resources and services urgently needed by impacted communities
  2. Disseminate accurate and reliable information to our community
  3. Engage the community in the campaign with the collective Bayanihan spirit
  4. Collaborate with grassroots organizations, service institutions, private entities, and government agencies

This campaign has four components:

  • Research and Education (R&E)
  • Services
  • Action and Advocacy (AA)
  • Resource Mobilization (RM)

Research and Education

We will assess and identify the needs of the people, as well as services and resources available to them. We will gather accurate and reliable information and make these accessible to the public. Some examples of information are locations of testing as well as hotlines and locations of agencies that provide services. We will hold regular webinars and meetings to disseminate relevant information to the public.


We will work with various organizations, agencies, and local businesses to deliver material and educational needs of kababayans and others in need. For example, through webinars and video conferences, we will help workers file for unemployment. We will organize an emergency response team to deliver meals to families that need them.  We will compile data of Filipinos infected with the virus across the US, and ensure they receive the services they need. We are also assisting our communities in filling out the 2020 Census to make sure we are counted and receive appropriate funding for community resources and services.

When it is safe and appropriate, we will continue to provide free health services to communities in the Philippines by mobilizing health professionals and other volunteers from the US to medical missions.

Action and Advocacy

We will take action to protect the rights and well-being of undocumented folks, workers, elderly, and most vulnerable communities. We will advocate for free testing, access to health services, financial relief, and other services and resources that our community needs. We will study local and national legislation such as the Families First Act to understand its potential impact and advocate for our community.

Resource Mobilization

We will mobilize resources (i.e. donations) and gather other material resources for relief of impacted communities in the Philippines and kababayans in the US. We will write to sponsors and foundations and apply for grants to ensure funding for the provision of much needed services and resources.

To learn more, visit NAFCON USA and find out what you can do to support your fellow kababayans.